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Telehealth Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT)

This service is for traveller's who are traveling to countries that allow home Antigen tests supervised by a physician.  This option is great for traveller's looking to enter or re-enter the United States. 

One of our testing professionals will reach out to you via telecommunication (facetime, what's app, zoom etc.) at the time of your appointment and will observe as you complete your home Antigen test. 


Upon completion of the test you will be provided a certificate for travel if you test negative on your home Rapid Antigen Test. 

We accept most pharmacy sold antigen tests.  Our recommendation is to purchase the Abbot Binax test and Flowflex Rapid Antigen Tests  sold at most pharmacies before you travel.  You can also pick up an Antigen Test at our MIA Airport drive thru facility before you travel.

Price $60 per consult

(price of test not included)


At the Airport
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